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We pride ourselves on producing 100% natural, handmade treats. Most shop purchased treats for small pets are deemed unsafe. They are known to contain seeds, corn, dairy, artificial colourings, flavorings and preservatives. We make our products fresh to order and are always looking for new products and ideas to produce. 

Our Partner 

Happy Hay Logo.webp

We are delighted to confirm The Happy Hay Co. as our partner. All hay used in our products will be supplied by them. They will also be providing the hay used in our postal boxes! They have been producing Hay for 20 years meaning they know how to make good hay. They have one of the only specialist hay dryers in the country, allowing them to make great hay in any conditions and they can guarantee that short stem dusty hay isn't something that they make! If you would like to order hay from them please order from their website

They can also be found on Instagram @thehappyhayco


No artificial colours, flavours or additives used in any of our products. 


Products homemade and made fresh to order! 

Bunny Approved!

All products tried and tested 

on our own bunnies!

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